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A medical travel consulting firm based in Bern, Switzerland With our in-depth experience since 2006, we offer the best healthcare options for the world’s citizens wishing to be treated in Switzerland.
Proudly we are one of the world’s leading companies for medical tourism. We have a very large network of hospitals, doctors, and hospitals in Switzerland and we can find the best options for our patients.
Our designated medical partners can provide everything from regular or medical consultation to extremely complex medical conditions. You will be impressed by the outstanding quality of medical services and high-tech medical equipment of the last generation. The university and private clinics with distinguished professors/doctors take care of our clients.
Medical Travel supports its patients through
Find the best medical options through the best hospitals, clinics and doctors – advice for their vacation
Making hotel reservations – organizing airport, clinic and hotel transfers
Providing translation services
Make sure everything goes well during their stay.
Break after returning home
Switzerland offers a very high-quality health care service and belongs to the best health services in the world
In addition to medical treatments, our patients also enjoy unique cultures, cities and landscapes.

Spread services for treatment in Switzerland:

1- Providing free medical consultation and estimating the cost of treatment from the best doctors and hospitals
2- Patient reception at the airport, transportation services, accommodation, hospital appointments and translation with doctors
3- Choose the right cost of available options
4- Send a letter from the hospital to the patient and his escorts to facilitate the obtaining of a medical visa
5- Follow-up with the patient during recovery or recovery before the patient returns to his country

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