Religious tourism

Umrah Services Department provides the best services to the pilgrims and visitors to the Mosque and The Holy Mosque al-Sharif mosque and provides excellent services for pilgrims of the Holy House of God, and the tourism pilgrimage with full agreement with Saudi companies, Saudi raft companies, Saudi Guides Foundation and The Saudi Civil Foundation for Pilgrims of The Holy House of God, and the services we provide:

  1. Early preparation to receive Rahman’s guests.
  2. Booking, ticketing, and confirmation of bookings.
  3. Religious guidance.
  4. Choose excellent five-star and seven-star hotels.
  5. Three-star, four-star hotels, and hotel apartments.
  6. Equipping a complete bag for pilgrims with all their needs.

Since the beginning of the services of The Rahman Guests, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide psychological comfort to Hajj, we respect privacy and provide independence for families.
The agency realized the extent of the hardship exerted by the guests of Rahman in their arrival in Saudi Arabia, so we was keen to choose the best companies that provide excellent services and we have chosen the best and the best and best-known biographers in previous years. We are also aware of the extent of its outstanding services. And we find in this a complete comfort for the pilgrim or pilgrim

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