Barns and nature reserves

Sudan has several nature reserves in which wildlife, vegetation and climates vary and constitute a destination for researchers, tourists and wildlife interested in where many species of wild animals, birds and insects are settled, as well as various types of plants, including trees, shrubs and herbs.
Al-Radum Nature Reserve

Al-Radum Nature Reserve

Al-Radum Nature Reserve in South Darfur state is one of nine wildlife reserves in Sudan and is an attractive tourist site because it has tree belts and semi-permanent waterways, and its tourist value increases in the rainy season and the spread of lush greenery. The...

Dander’s Barn

Dander’s Barn

It has a large range of wild animals and birds. It was declared a national parkine reserve in early 1935, with an area of 3,500 square miles. The reserve is 300 miles from Khartoum (capital), and from January to April it is one of the best times to visit the uniquely...



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