Who we are

Intishar for tourism, Nile cruises, hunting, and safari was established on 13/08/2008 under the name of Intishar for tourism services and then changed the name to Intishar for tourism, Nile cruises, hunting and safari in 08/05/2013.

We offer many tourist services inside and outside Sudan and consist of organizing tourist trips, conferences and exhibitions, Medical and treatment tourism abroad, Processing visa papers for most of Europe, America and Canada, and issuing visas.

General Director  Speech

While visitors and tourists are flocking greatly to Europe, America, Asia and the Pacific, the tourism potential in Africa is very large and has a lot of attractive areas for tourism, especially in areas that are considered developing and paddy, and we are highlighting the world’s tourist destinations and Africa to make them have a bright future in addition to providing a lot of employment and investment opportunities for young people.
The tourism and travel industry is a noble humanitarian task, as it is also the process of cultural and intellectual exchange, the acquisition of experiences, attention to health and well-being, and the mixing of peoples in different cultures and lifestyles.

Why choose us

We work with the utmost attention and credibility with our customers and provide the best possible services to the customer to satisfy him and confirm our endeavor to apply the highest and best international standards in the field of travel and tourism.
Intishar for tourism is also proud to receive the Business Quality Certificate from the International Trade Council 2019, and for the second time in a row in 2020-2021.

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Intishar for tourism is linked to working relationships, agreements, partnerships and membership of most associations, national and international organizations and bodies such as:







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